Who am I?

My name is Hilton Janfield, and this is a brief page about me.

I regret to inform you that there is little here of substance for your consumption right now. I am involved in a variety of things, so this isn't really a portfolio or anything fancy, just a quick 'who I am and what I do'.


Since March of 2010, I worked as the Service Manager at Kelowna Condominium Services Ltd. (now known as Associa British Columbia Inc. after being purchased by multi-national property management conglomerate Associa). After being thoroughly disenchanted with the new leadership and direction of the company, I gave my notice of resignation in January 2016.

I have accepted a position at Okanagan Strata Management Ltd. and started there in February 2016. I am looking forward to the new challenges in my position there, and am also looking forward to getting to know the great team at OSM - although I am happy to say that there will be several familiar faces, since many of my former co-workers at KCS have also accepted positions at OSM.

Side Projects / Hobbies

The Eridani Series

I am working with C.G. William on his web serials, known under the common title 'The Eridani Series', as an editor and assistant. More information on my involvement can be found on my Patreon profile page.


In my rare bits of truly spare time, or when I feel like ignoring the world, I program. That's right, my hobby is programming - I am a geek, through and through. Some of my projects will never be seen publicly, but I do have active public projects.

I have a good working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL, and a few other related technologies, and try to stay up to date with them even if I don't have time to learn anything new. I would rate my level of proficiency with these as anywhere from hobbyist to moderate; not a beginner, but definitely not a pro either!


My current main side project is a web-based remake of a classic 4x strategy game called Stars!. Details can be found at my StarsNT GitHub page.


In addition to StarsNT, I also work on various sub-projects related to the development of StarsNT. These can usually be found on my GitHub page once I think they're at a stage worth releasing for others to use. Examples include:

js4php5 - updating and fixing js4php5, a JavaScript interpreter written in PHP.

jquery.enhsplitter - rewriting, fixing, and enhancing jQuery Enhanced Splitter, a splitter component for jQuery that lets you have adjustable panels in the browser similar to those you find frequently in Windows.

Both of these projects were not written by me, but were severely dated and/or abandoned and have undergone significant updates and repairs or total rewrites by my hand.

Site design not copyrighted because... can you really call this a designed page?

I was just too lazy to put together a proper site design.

Hell, I was too lazy to even steal a site design.